What can I plant?

Squash growing in vegetable plot

You may have plenty of experience growing vegetables, but if you’re new to growing vegetables and you have a pot or a small space you want to try it out in, here are a few ideas about what you could grow.

If you’re looking to have a doorstep pot, use a large pot (10 litres plus). Try filling this with 1 tomato plant, 2 basil plants and 3 multicoloured lettuces.

If you’d like to try a window box, nasturtiums for edible flowers and leaves, spring onions, radishes and mixed lettuces would make for a great combination.

If you’ve got a bed – say around 3 metres square – you could have a go at golden courgette, chard, and a border of spring onions. Or, you could make a support out of canes in the centre with runner beans on, and surround this with red Russian kale and leeks. 

These crops are all fairly easy to grow and don’t take a lot of maintenance.

No Dig Bed


You may have spotted something new in Cutteslowe Park – this is Edible Cutteslowe’s new vegetable bed, now ready and waiting for planting up!

It’s a no-dig bed – rather than break our backs churning up a muddy mess of the grass, we decided to simply cover it. You can see here how we laid some cardboard over the strongest looking grass, then piled used compost over everything. A bed this size takes a LOT of compost, but luckily we had a lot available not too far away, after growing hundreds of tomato plants at the Horticultural Therapy and Garden Centre!

We’ll leave it now for a few weeks while our seedlings get started in the glasshouses, then plant those straight into the mulch later in the spring.

If you would like to try this at home or at your allotment, there’s lots of information on Charles Dowding’s website

Growing Food, Growing Community

Welcome to the Edible Cutteslowe project

Growing Food, Growing Community

Edible Cutteslowe is all about growing vegetables and fruit sustainably and locally. In the process, we hope to build community and have fun. It’s simple.  You grow some vegetables or fruit that you invite other people to forage.

We’re an informal group based in Cutteslowe, North Oxford, that started thinking about this idea towards the end of 2020. We’re hoping that it offers some hope, positivity and connection in the face of the challenges that Covid-19 has brought.

There will be a vegetable bed in Cutteslowe Park to act as a focal point for the project, as well as some other communal beds that organisations are developing in the local area. We’re also hoping that lots of people will decide to take part at home and plant some seeds and put the plant outside their door or in their front garden.

How to Get Involved

There are a few ways to get involved. You can sow some seeds this spring—in a pot or patch of ground outside the front of your flat or house—and then, when the produce is ready to harvest, just put a sign up letting other people know they can help themselves. We’ll be putting up some ideas and instructions about how to get planting and how to make a sign soon.

Or, get in touch with us to help look after one of the community patches of vegetables and fruit being grown around the neighbourhood.


Cutteslowe Horticultural Therapy and Garden Centre