Planning and Growing in January

Seedlings appearing

Our bed in the park may seem dormant in these short cold days, but look more closely and you’ll see there are still things going on! Those little clumps that look a bit like grass but not quite? – Banana shallots getting going! Sturdy little green shoots in a suspiciously regular arrangement? – Broad beans sprouting! Lots of tiny little green seedlings with maybe a couple of feathery leaves? Salad mustards making their way through the winter and preparing for spring!

While it’s grey and cold and damp outside you might feel more like staying inside in the warm than getting outside. And while a bit of fresh air, especially on a sunny day can do wonders, there are ways to keep gardening indoors. Now is a good time for sowing seeds on the windowsill – but hold off on the tomatoes etc a little longer unless you have a nice warm greenhouse to move them on to. Herbs are a good option, or some salad leaves. Writing their names in cress seeds on a bit of kitchen towel and watching them grow is a classic kids activity to enjoy at this time of year.

Salad Leaves

If you haven’t planned your planting and ordered the seeds you need, now is a great time. We get most of ours from or, but there are lots of options out there.

Happy growing and planning everyone!

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