Edible Bed in Winter

Snow on the bed in Cutteslowe Park

Our Edible Bed in Cutteslowe Park may look very empty now and indeed covered in a blanket of snow today, but underneath the soil, things are happening! We have planted banana shallots, and broad beans, and scattered mustard seeds in hope of an early leafy crop. The shallots were planted by a client from the Garden Project who as she is a little unsteady on her feet, used a long tube to shoot them down into holes we made in the soil. Each single shallot planted should grow into a little clump of them by next summer.

You can see the overwinter broad beans laid out in our pic, ready for sinking into the soil. Aquadulce Claudia is a good variety for autumn planting as it’s the most cold hardy available. Other types need to wait until spring.

Sage and Red Russian kale will be there for picking over the winter, although the current cold snap will slow growth right down for a while.   

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