What can I plant?

Squash growing in vegetable plot

You may have plenty of experience growing vegetables, but if you’re new to growing vegetables and you have a pot or a small space you want to try it out in, here are a few ideas about what you could grow.

If you’re looking to have a doorstep pot, use a large pot (10 litres plus). Try filling this with 1 tomato plant, 2 basil plants and 3 multicoloured lettuces.

If you’d like to try a window box, nasturtiums for edible flowers and leaves, spring onions, radishes and mixed lettuces would make for a great combination.

If you’ve got a bed – say around 3 metres square – you could have a go at golden courgette, chard, and a border of spring onions. Or, you could make a support out of canes in the centre with runner beans on, and surround this with red Russian kale and leeks. 

These crops are all fairly easy to grow and don’t take a lot of maintenance.

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