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Welcome to Edible Cutteslowe

Growing Food, Growing Community

Edible Cutteslowe is all about growing vegetables and fruit sustainably and locally. In the process, we hope to build community and have fun. It’s simple.  You grow some vegetables or fruit that you invite other people to forage.

We’re an informal group based in Cutteslowe, North Oxford, that started thinking about this idea towards the end of 2020. We’re hoping that it offers some hope, positivity and connection in the face of the challenges that Covid-19 has brought.

There will be a vegetable bed in Cutteslowe Park to act as a focal point for the project, as well as some other communal beds that organisations are developing in the local area. We’re also hoping that lots of people will decide to take part at home and plant some seeds and put the plant outside their door or in their front garden.

How To Get Involved

How to Get Involved

There are a few ways to get involved. You can sow some seeds this spring—in a pot or patch of ground outside the front of your flat or house—and then, when the produce is ready to harvest, just put a sign up letting other people know they can help themselves. We’ll be putting up some ideas and instructions about how to get planting and how to make a sign soon.

Or, get in touch with us to help look after one of the community patches of vegetables and fruit being grown around the neighbourhood



There are a growing number of local groups and organisations partnering in Edible Cutteslowe, including Cutteslowe Horticultural Therapy and Garden Centre and those listed below. If you would be interested in partnering with us as we develop, get in touch via the contact form below.

Get In Touch With Us

To find out more about us or get in touch, use the form below.


  • Join us for an Evening Soon
    Join us for this evening on 21st October to hear from Rachel Hammond who has loads of experience with edible gardening projects. We’ll have an opportunity to learn from her, asks questions and discuss in breakout rooms how we can develop edible growing – and build community in the process – in our local areas.Continue reading “Join us for an Evening Soon”
  • Cutteslowe Community Orchard
    Nestled between the Allotments and the Community Woodland in Cutteslowe is a half-acre plot of land that is in the process of becoming an orchard, created and cared for by the local community. Soon after the plan for the orchard was announced in March this year, practical and financial support started to flood in (includingContinue reading “Cutteslowe Community Orchard”
  • Foraging has Begun
    It has been great to see the bed in Cutteslowe Park growing so well over the last few weeks. Passers-by have also started foraging, with the herbs and chard being especially popular! Do come along and check it out for yourself. The beds outside the school and community centre are also looking really colourful. We’dContinue reading “Foraging has Begun”

Printable signs for your plant pots and beds.